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Welcome to Rich's page dedicated to the band Graven Image.  This was the old LA band Rich was in prior to joining Asa Cruz.  To Rich, Graven Image was one of the highlights of his musical career, & this page pays homage to the band, as well as friends & fans of that memorable time.


The following artwork and bio are taken from the "Graven Image" CD.



CD Artwork Front Page             Inner Sleeve/Lyrics from the CD


Graven Image Bio:

Graven Image was formed in Los Angeles in 1992, at the tail end of when Metal reigned in the city of Angels.  The band came together when singer Jimmy Williams met guitarist Brian Gartland in 1991.  Williams was from the popular Akron Ohio band US Metal - as well as vocal mentor to Judas Priest singer Ripper Owens.  Gartland was from the popular Cleveland band Wretch, and the two moved to LA to pursue success with a new band. The union of Gartland and Williams led to another inception of Wretch in LA, which underwent several personnel changes until a chance meeting at a local watering hole led to the final inception of Graven Image, when bassist Rich Hansen, drummer Doug Clelland (both from LA band Takara), and Mirror guitarist John Bigwood, joined together in 1992.  The band spent its next four years songwriting, recording demos, and building a following from its many live performances in the LA area.  A recording contract was offered to the band by Republic Records in 1993, which was later turned down.  Graven Image was a popular draw in the LA club scene, receiving rave reviews from local magazines, and radio play on the famous station KNAC. As shifts in musical trends saw the demise of both KNAC and the entire Metal scene, the band also saw a switch in drummers from Doug Clelland to Jerry Beller in 1994.  The band continued on until changes in musical and professional directions finally led to the demise of Graven Image in 1996.  Many of the band's fans and friends have requested that a CD be produced with all of the songs that were recorded throughout the different versions of this band.  Commemorating the ten-year anniversary of the band's forming in 1992, this CD of all-unreleased material represents a sampling of what this unsung band produced during its four years together.  We hope you enjoy it.  Those were some of the best of times………. 

GI gives thanks to: Fender Guitars, Gibson, Carvin, Yamaha Drums, Ampeg, Marshall, Rivera, and Dave Bunker at Trekker Guitars. Special thanks goes out to all our families, Bum Bar Bert, Nick, Wendal, Neal, Brian Montrey, Tim, Mike, Sherrie, KNAC Radio, Elbee's, Covello Studios, Velocity Studios, Tracy Williams, The Red Onion, FM Station, Club M, The LA Hard Rock Café (for all the free booze and food) Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Top Ramen and of course, Natural Light Beer.


Photos courtesy of Tracy Williams



MP3's and Live Videos of Graven Image can be accessed from this link:



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