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(Nicky's two year picture)


Nicholas James Hansen was born at 3:05 pm on July 5, 2000 to the proud parents of Richard and Hope Hansen.  He has two big brothers, Stephen and Zachary and now has a little brother, Matthew.   

He was born 8 weeks premature, but has been doing remarkably well.  Currently, his walking all over the house.  He has most of his teeth and a smile that will melt any heart.  However, you need to see it in person as he tends to be a little camera shy. He loves to play patty cake and row-row-row your boat.  His favorite song seems to be Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  He says Da-Da and Ma-Ma and makes all sorts of other sounds.   Every day it's something new with him.  He does like to eat about everything that we put in front of him, including parsley (see the picture below)!  He loves looking at his books, and he also likes playing with his baby brother, Matthew.

We do believe he could grow up to be quite a football player someday, as he is so big, strong and healthy.  We don't think anyone will ever dare mess with him, that's for sure!

He's a great baby and a true joy in our lives.



The blanket shown in the background here was handmade for Nicky by Richard's Mom Judy.
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Some of Nicky's 1st Year Photos

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Nicky's Photos - 2001 through 2002  Hover your cursor above the thumbnail to view the picture description, then click the thumbnail to view the actual photo.  Hit your browser's "Back" button to return to this page.

Nicky Getting His very First Haircut by Grandma Benton - December 01 Nicky and Rich Tubing Down The Hill By our House: 1-02 Nicky with Old Saint Nick Nicky With Grandpa and Grandma Hansen - Salmon Fishing at Porcupine Dam 9/01 Nicky at Walmart Photo Session
Nicky and Alex Raid the Fridge - Staying over at Heather's House - 10/01 Raiding the Fridge Again! With Alex - Family Dinner at our House Jan. 2002 With Grandma Judy at Porcupine Dam - 2001 Nicky Likes His Food, but does he know that parsley isn't supposed to be eaten?
All Muddy after Catching Fish at Porcupine Dam Nicky The Red-Nosed Reindeer Waiting For Breakfast Rich and Nicky Riding The Toboggan Sent by Grandpa Ducks Nicky Making Matthew Laugh
Nicky With Grandpa Ducks - December 2000 (Christmas) Nicky Taking Some of his First Steps Walking! Nicky Tickling His Little Brother Nicky Buried In The Sand By Dad at Laguna Beach - Summer 2001  (It Still Tastes Good Though!) Why Is This Stuff So Crunchy?


Nicky as Spiderman - Halloween 2004        

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