Updated 2/12/04

Here's a photo of our house, taken on 2/3/02.  You can see just how much snow we got that day (Jan. 28, 2002), which was a "Snow Day".  We got three-foot snow drifts!  Schools were closed, as well as a lot of the roads.  We've spent quite a bit of time shoveling snow, as you can see.

We love our new house, and we've been working hard lately remodeling it.  Mainly, this has involved refinishing and repainting the walls and ceilings, installing new curtains, and other finishing touches.  We're going to repaint and re-carpet every room of the house before we're done.  We'll show our progress here in some before-and-after photos at this page, as we get more of the work done.

Here is a brief description of our house:

The house is 2800 square feet (not counting the 1000 square foot garage and the storage shed) and it resides on .28 acres in Hyrum Utah.  It is a tri-level, with six bedrooms, one formal living room, two other family rooms, and 3 bathrooms, as well as a fireplace and downstairs wood-burning stove.  We currently are using one of the downstairs rooms as a recording studio and office, and one of the downstairs family rooms is the kids' toy room.  The garage is huge, and can fit four cars inside quite comfortably.  It's been fun thinking of different ways to redo the house, now that it's ours and we can do whatever we want with it.  We have been (slowly but steadily) remodeling each and every room in the house.  As of this date, we are almost completed done with the house.

Below are more pictures showing some different views of the house.  Hovering your mouse cursor above the thumbnail will give you a description of the photo, and clicking on these thumbnails will show you the actual photo.  After seeing the picture, you can use your browsers Back button to come back to this page.

Back View Of House Back View of House West View from Our House West View from Our House 2 Aerial View of Living Room Another Snow Day - West View of Our Backyard
Living Room/Fireplace Living Room/Stairway-Xmas 01  Our Office / Studio  Master Bedroom Garage Aerial view of our house and neighborhood.  Can you tell which one is ours?  Hint:  It's the one with the circular swimming pool in the backyard.
Upstairs Baby Nursery Dining Room / Outside Deck East View from Our House Family Room Wall (Unfinished) Our 15ft Xmas Tree - 2001 View Of Our Front Room From Our Staircase


Before and After Photos - From the Home Remodeling We've Been Doing

Downstairs Family Room

Family Room (Before Finishing)  Left to right is Cousin Alex, Grandma Jorgensen, Stephen, Dad & Mom (with Nicky and Matthew); And Heather, Zachary and Rich (in back)

Front Living Room Kitchen Dining Room
Family Room (After Finishing) A picture of the new laminate hardwoord flooring we put in our Front Living Room A picture of the new laminate hardwoord flooring we put in our Kitchen Our Dining Room After Re-flooring  
Family Room 2 (After Finishing)     Matthew In the Kitchen On Christmas Morning