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Here's Matt at his 1st Year Birthday Party Photo Session



Matthew was born at Henry Mayo Hospital (Valencia, CA) 6/14/01 at 12:46 am.  He was born at 4 lbs., 15 oz.

Our Little Matthew was born two months premature, and due to complications at birth, had to stay in the NICU at Northridge Hospital in California for two weeks.  That was a very difficult time for all of us, for sure.  Eight months after being born, he is doing wonderfully, and (kind of like his brother Nicky) he is now as strong and healthy as a horse.  He is amazingly strong in particular.  Daddy Rich is going to need to start working out just to keep up with Matthew and Nicholas!  Matthew seems to really like his older brothers, and especially thinks Nicky is funny.  It's hilarious to hear the two of them laugh at each other. 


Click on these to see the pictures from his first 6 months.


NICU-6/16/01 NICU-6/16/01 NICU-6/16/01 NICU-6/16/01 Hope & Matt - NICU-6/20/01  NICU-6/20/01


NICU-6/20/01 NICU-6/20/01(w/Hope) (Nicky-Matt's feet 6-20) NICU-6/20/01(w/Rich) Java-Ripple Water Effect Matt, Nicky & Zach 7/2


Matthew at Home-7/2/01 Matthew at Home-7/2/01 Matthew at Home-7/2/01 Matthew and Nicky Rich Holding Matt The Proud Parents!



Photos Taken - 2/11/02 - Hover your cursor above the thumbnail to view the picture description, then click the thumbnail to view the actual photo.  Hit your browser's "Back" button to return to this page.

Matthew With Cousin Alex, Nicky, and Grandma Hansen - Jan 02 Matthew with his Grandpa "Ducks" (Grandpa Floyd Jones) Matthew In His Jumper Matthew at Xmas In Santa Suit
Matthew Playing In Nicky's Play Center Matthew With Santa Claus - Xmas 2001 Laughing in The Studio Matthew With Zachary


 New photos 2004

Matt and his Brother Nicky on Halloween 2004