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Hi!  Welcome To My Web Page!

Updated 9/13/02


Hello, my name is Stephen Michael Zimmerman.  I was born at 11:40 am on December 16, 1990 in warren, Ohio.  I am the son of hope Hansen and David Zimmerman.

I spent the first 8 months of my life living at my grandparents, don and Diana Benton's home while my mother finished college and my dad served a year overseas with the marine corp.  after my dad returned to the states, we moved to Fallbrook, California.  we lived there from September 1991 until January 1996.  I enjoyed California, but found it to be to hot.  on December 17,1992, my first of many little brothers was born.  it was fun, because my grandma, who lives in the strawberry-chocolate quick house was here visiting and spoiled me rotten.  she even brought me my birthday cake for my second birthday all the way from Ohio.

in January of 1996, we moved back to Ohio.  we rented my grandma and grandpa Zimmerman's old house.  I had my own bedroom and even a room just for my toys.  it was great living near family again.  my daddy went back overseas for another year--I really missed him.  while in Ohio, I started kindergarten.  although, I had to miss the last few days of school because I got the chicken-pox.

when my dad returned, we moved to north Carolina.  we had a house built there and it was pretty awesome.  my mom and dad, along with some help from grandpa don, built my brother and I a huge jungle gym.  I went to Richland's elementary school.  I started there for the last few days of kindergarten (just so that I could get use to the area) and left there after I finished second grade.  I was in the boy scouts and enjoyed fishing and camping.   some of my best friends included my neighbor, Chris and Damien who was in my class and boy scout troop.

after second grade, my mom got remarried to my step-dad and we moved to California again.  now, I go to mint canyon elementary school.  I just finished the fourth grade.  I am a gate student and got to spend a lot of time doing different after school activities.  two of my favorites are stichery and gourmet cooking.  this past school year, I was on the spelling bee team from my school.  I went to the district spelling bee which was called "spell-bound 2000".  my parents were very proud of me for that.

while living here in California, my mom had another baby, Nicky.  I help her every day to take care of him.  I change diapers, make bottles, and play with him.  I enjoy spending quiet time with him in the nursery reading to him.

I like to ride bikes and especially love to ride my scooter.  I also love to spend a lot of time on the computer or playing with my game boy.

now we have another baby, Matthew.  he is so cute and tiny.  I am always begging my parents to let me hold him and feed him.  life is fun with so many little brothers to play with.




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Stephen Tubing behind our house - 2001 Climbing Mechanical Rock at Stephen's 11th Birthday At Stephen's 11th Birthday Party Swimming With Zachary at Laguna Beach - Summer 2001
With Santa Claus - Xmas 2001 Stephen Dressed up - Halloween 2001 The Wood Burning Stove in the Toy Room Climbing the Rock at the Mall in Ohio - Xmas 2001