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Hi!  Welcome To My Web Site!

HELLO, MY NAME IS Zachary, ZACHARY SCOTT ZIMMERMAN TO BE EXACT.  I was born on December 17, 1992 at 6:18 am.  I was a big boy at birth, I weighed almost 12 pounds.  I was born in Fallbrook, California.  My dad was a marine and was stationed here at that time.  I was lucky, my Grandma Diana was here to see me when I first came into the world.  She just happened to be on vacation here when I decided to be born.  Unfortunately, the rest of the family didn't get to meet me until July 1993.  

I lived in California until I was three and then we moved to Ohio for a year.  My dad was sent overseas and so my mom, brother Stephen and I lived in Ohio until he came back.  While I was there, I started preschool, it was pretty fun.  I also had my first surgery, I had to have tubes put into my ears so that I could hear better and stop having so many ear infections.  

In March of 1997, we moved to North Carolina.  Stephen stayed in Ohio for a little while because he was still in kindergarten, but I moved down there with my parents.  it was neat being the only child for a while, but I did miss my brother.  I was such a climber that my parents gave me the nickname, Monkey. It really fits me.  I love to be out doors playing.  I love to climb trees and ride bikes, and especially try to do tricks on my skateboard and scooter.  I started kindergarten in the fall of 1998, it was great.  I really liked my teacher and aide.  I was even pretty popular with the girls in my class.  I got my first love letter from Shannon.  my mom still has it.

In 1999, we moved to California again.  My mom remarried and now I have two little brothers.  I really enjoy helping my mom to take care of Nicky and Matty.  They are so cute.  Matty especially is soooo tiny.  I really like to help my step-dad fix things around the house.  My dad gave me my own tool box for Christmas last year and I am always finding ways to use those tools.  I even took apart one of my toys, just because I had the tools to do it with.

I just finished second grade and will be going into third in the fall.  I did pretty good on my report cards and my parents say that they are proud of me.  I am learning my multiplication tables and how to write in cursive, so that I can be ready to breeze through the third grade.

I have a pet now, a baby blue bellied lizard that I caught on the play ground.  My step-dad has helped me to make a home for it.  

That's all for now, check back again for more updates.


Zachary Scott Zimmerman

Zachary Catching Some Air - Tubing Behind Our House


Zachary at Xmas Break in Ohio - climbing the rock climb at the mall.  HE MADE IT ALL THE WAY ON THE FIRST TRY!! Trying his snowboard for the first time - Tubing by our house in Utah Climbing The Rock Climb at Zac's 9th Birthday Party Zachary With Santa Claus - Xmas 2001 in Utah (Cache Valley Mall) Having Birthday Cake on Zac's 9th Birthday
Roller Blading for the first time at Zac's 9th Birthday Party Zac On Laguna Beach With A Friend Of Rich's - Summer 2001      

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